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    We are Web And Mobile app development team, a heart for service, and a knack for solving problems

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    future of web design company
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    Creating quite stunning Mobile experiences with Clean & Valid code, latest technologies, always up-to-date Apps that excel in high-complexity environments

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    We have developed a simple four-step process to create experiences that are attractive, simple to use, and drive results for your company. Strategy, Design, Development and Execution.

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Entire project is based on idea; we make your ideas practical with technical experts. Through analysis needed at this stage.


Designing is something that is extremely crucial. We ensure latest, responsive and business catalyzing designs.


We have team of web and app developers who are well trained. Regular workshops are organized to keep them updated.


Quality assurance is an important phase because eventually everything depends on the performance. We have team of web and app testers.


We meet deadlines and quality is guaranteed. Our right approach has led us to emerge as the best company in Bangalore for website designing and development.

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100% Unique Website Designs as per Domain

Explore Responsive & User Friendly Websites

eORB has designed & developed more websites than any other agency in Bangalore. In 2021, we have completed successful 14 years in the field of website designing. Along with website design, we offer numerous services namely website development, brochure design, web testing, mobile apps development, digital marketing, SEO etc. We follow international standard for various types of projects.

We have seen changing world of websites in last ten years. With advancement of technology numerous features have come in website. From local searches to eCommerce, its application is everywhere. For complex functionalities, web based applications are still first priority. We have 40+ full time web experts who handle different types of projects. Some comments by our experts on website designing are as below:

  • Time has come when responsiveness and proper navigation is more important than any other factor.
  • Website can be created in 10 minutes as well as it can go as long as months. It all depends on type and functionalities that are likely to be added in the website.
  • When mobile apps came in then many thought that websites will be vanished but this is not reality.
  • We wouldn’t see any major change in website making in next 4-5 years. Numerous aspects associated with website have already reached to its peak.
  • Search engine optimization has become more important than website designing.

How to Check Best Web Designers in Bangalore?

When you look for a website designer then there are two options. You can either hire a full fledge company or go for individual freelancer. Website designing has changed a lot nowadays and if you have simple static pages then it can be done with any editor quite easily. On other hand large scale websites take plenty of resources, which is not easy to handle by freelancers.

Which factor should be analyzed in website design?

In any website, there are two things that can be copied namely website theme or design & the main content. There are tools through which it can be checked, if your website is just a copy for other website in terms of design. On other hand, content can be also copied. There are tools like CopyScape that can be used to check uniqueness of content. If website has copied content then it can lead to penalty by Google.

How to Hire Best Website Designers in Bangalore?

There are numerous ways that can be used to approach web designers. Various websites like Upwork, Freelancer etc can be used to hire website experts. On other hand, Bangalore has more than 500 web design and development agency throughout the city.

Which are different measures to be taken for safe and secure website?

An expert website designer will make you aware about all aspects that are concerned with safety and security of website. Always opt for HTTPS, shared hosting also turns vulnerable sometime, never install free plugin from improper source, always put validations in website etc.

Web Designer, Web Developer, SEO Expert

Dicuss your project with web designer and developer in Bangalore.

Can client check progress of website development?

We have inbuilt tracking software where all developers and client will be added. Client can see things in progress and recommend wherever needed.

Which type of website developers are available?

From HTML to Python, we have developers from numerous technologies.

Wordpress Developer: open source CMS written in PHP and MySQL. It was released in 27th May 2003. Latest version is 5.4 and its name is Adderley.

Joomla Developer: this is also a popular CMS written in PHP. This was released on 17th August 2005 and recent version is 4.0 beta released 30th June 2020.

PHP: this development technology is an integral part of website creation. Prepared by Zend technologies and started in year 1995. Latest version is 8.0 Alpha on date July 9, 2020.

Shopify: this is readymade eCommerce platform. Founded in year 2004 at Ottawa, Canada, now company has spread throughout the world. 175 countries and more than 1,000,000 businesses are listed with Shopify. Some other similar platforms are BigCommerce, Volusion, WIX etc.

There are many other web development technologies and we have expertise to deal with all challenges of website designing and development. As a web developer in Bangalore, we understand demand of market locally.

What are key factors for successful website development?

As a successful website developer in Bangalore, we have 14 years experience. We will share some key factors of any website:

  • Call to Action: go through numerous website similar to yours and check how they have managed call to action. Learn and improvise as this is extremely important.
  • Website page load speed
  • Search engine optimization of website. Google has potential to make any website hit or flop.
  • Responsiveness: it is important because nowadays mobile browsing has great share.
  • Website QA: as a website developer, we understand importance of website testing.

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Phrases like "God Unbelievable website this is" are quite common whenever anyone sees our website. You imagine for your website design and development and we will make that practical. In Android app development, no other company in Bangalore matches our quality. Furthermore, I would like to add check us our testimonial, speak to our experts as we are open for free web consultation, before hiring any so-called company.

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How to Reach eORB Solutions ( Web Development Company )

From Majestic Bus Route numbers are 300B, 300H, 301F, 302A, 302F, 302N

From MG Road Bus Route numbers are 330M 302G

From Electronic City KBS3AK6

Whitefield: V335EP, MF4600, 300E

Silk Board: MF4 362 CA 301E

Nearest Bus Stop is Mosque Road Bus Stop.

FAQs about Website Designer and Developer in Bangalore

How much time required to set up a website?

It all depends on how big your website is? If you have thin website of few pages with no advance functionality then it can be done in 2-3 days only.

How to Hire Website Designers in Bangalore?

It all depends on your budget and requirement. A Google search will give you list of companies as well as individual or freelancers.

How is website designer in Bangalore different from developer?

Designers work on what we see like images, text etc. On other hand, web developers work on functionalities or server end connections.

What are latest trends of website design in 2020?

There will be numerous changes in website designing in upcoming year 2020. More focus on design components and 3D presentation. Dark background makes user interface better, 3D graphic elements will be on website, surge in floating elements, minimalist navigation.

Which professionals work on creation of website?

We put numerous professionals for creation of any website. A single person can also take this challenge but eventual product wouldn’t be that good. Professionals that work on website creation are as below:

  • Research and Development team
  • Graphic designer
  • HTML, CSS expert
  • Website developer

How much is cost for website designing in Bangalore?

Cost of website depends on functionalities and complexities in creation of website. There can be websites for as low as 3,000 INR while it can be costly too.

Which services are provided by eORB other than website designing?

There are numerous other services as listed below:

  • Website development
  • Logo designing
  • Brochure designing
  • SEO services
  • CMS development

How can client assess website in designing?

We give chance to our clients so that they can check website while in making phase. All suggestions will be also welcome.